Summer activities

Organized bike tours

Interesting cycling trips over Pohorje to the natural and cultural heritage. Tours are suitable for families and cyclists with better bodily endurance. For the daring, there is a trail available from the top of Pohorje to the lower station of the Pohorje lift.

Adrenalin Park Pohorje

It also works in the winter season. In the idyllic surroundings of snowy Pohorje you can take a ride with a motorsledding started at the front of Hotel Bellevue than from the top of Pohorje till the Lukahut, where we will welcome you with a typical Pohorje "meal". Downhill continues to the Trikotne plain (Adrenalin park Pohorje - presentation), where you will experience the most attractive part of the polygon.

  • The Giant Swing
  • Pillar of courage

With slightly higher heart rate we continue the adventure to the bottom of Pohorje.
Programprice: cca. 21 EUR per person - minimum 5 persons


Organized walking to different view points and natural beauties (Slap Skalce/ Watterfall Skalce) and adrenaline pleasure in the adrenalin park. More about walking...


Do you like horses?  Have a nice riding experience at the vast forests and plains.Try to first sit on the saddle or with the first moments on horseback cheer your children. Treat yourself to a trip with a comfortable carriage. More about horse riding ...

Summer sledding

Summer sledding on easy made sleddingline at the hotel Bellevue or. by sledding line in the valley(5km) for those, who dare to even more just with the guide. More abut summer sledding...

Flight with parachute

Adrenalin descent from the top of Pohorje, with the landing at the hotel Arena a unique experience!


A tour of the city of Maribor

Organized sightseeing of the city of Maribor with a walking tour of the oldest wine grape in the world, with Štajer wine tasting in the cellar Vinagov. More about tourist sights of the city Maribor...

Plane Taxi

Fly and look at the city of Maribor or the entire northern part of Slovenia from the air. Flights and prices are dependent on departure and the wether.

Night walking with torches

Fabulous hike to a lookout point and a unique nightview at the Maribor City. For refreshment borovničar (brandy with blueberries) and stew in the ski school hut.


Test your archery skills a little different.